The W. M. Keck Observatory Archive (KOA) ingests and curates data from all active and decommissioned Keck instruments. The policy for public access to data for all current and future instruments is described in User Access and Proprietary Periods. KOA serves Contributed Datasets derived from Keck data and submitted by the community.

The data are validated and prepared for the archive at the W. M. Keck Observatory, and subsequently archived at the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI).

The User Guide describes site navigation, searching, and data products for all instruments.

If you use KOA data in a publication, please acknowledge KOA and the PI(s) of the datasets you are using with the acknowledgement at the foot of this page.

KOA offers these methods of accessing data:

Interactive Search Forms

  Basic Search - Searches on instrument, position or time
  More Search Options - Searches on a broad set of parameters
  Multiple Object Search (Table Upload in More Search Options - Searches using a table of sources
  Moving Object Search - Searches for Solar System targets
  Keck Interferometer Data Access Service - Publicly released KeckInterferometer data


 KOA and Python - PyKOA: A Python Interface to KOA Data and TAP Client Examples
 Image API - Program searches for image data (VO-compliant)
 Building HTTP GET Queries - Build a direct query to the search service

Programs and Public Data

  Released Programs - Searches for released data by night
  My Programs - Searches for PI access granted data by night
 Tables of public observations - Tables of all public data in CSV or IPAC table format

Contributed Datasets and Weather

  Contributed Datasets - Downloads of released data sets
  Ancillary Weather Data - Searches for weather data