Keck Interferometer Data Access Service

The W. M. Keck Observatory Archive (KOA) ingests and curates data from all active and decomissioned instruments. The schedule for public access to non-proprietary data for all current and future instruments can be found in the description of User Access and Proprietary Periods. KOA also serves Contributed Datasets as supplied by the telescope and archive users.

The Keck Interferometer (KI) operated from 2002 to 2012. Please use the form below to search for publicly-released KI data. The KI data are served in the form of nightly gzipped-tar files. Information about the Keck Interferometer and about the data file contents and formats may be found at the NExScI KI Support page. The nightly data packages contain "Level 1" files, which require external calibration, for example using the Calib software. For NULLING mode corresponding to nights that were allocated to the NASA Exozodi Key Science (Feb 2008 to Jan 2009) the data packages also contain externally calibrated "Level 2" data files.

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